Jan 29, 2018

आपका अपना मोबाइल एप्प

Easiest 10 Steps to Create and Enjoy Your Own Mobile App

Step 1: A better creative imagination leads to create a successful mobile application

A.   First, you have to identify a problem which can be solved by your app

B. Then after completing step A, Decide the structures and features of your app

Note: while working on creating a mobile app, keep in mind that you are making an app for a particular customer range so easiness, productivity and customer experience should be fantastic so that your app can be used by a maximum number of customers. So choose your idea accordingly and then proceed with the app development.

Step 2: Categorize the related stuff like

A.   Target customers or users

B.   Various Mobile services, platforms and devices to be supported

C. Finance or money you wish to spent on the app development, marketing and successful release of your app

Step 3: Designing your app

a.    You may focus on the UI design, multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices

b. You can choose design patterns by taking help of various websites providing best-designing patterns

Step 4: Selecting app developing method (any 1 out of 3 as your app demands)

A.   Native method

B.   Web method

C.    Hybrid ( Native + Web ) method

Step 5: Develop a prototype (small demo working model)

Step 6: Add a suitable analytics tool

A.   Analytics tool helps to improve your app

B.   Suitable analytics tool provides a detailed picture of
B1. How many visitors use your webs?
B2. How they arrived on your site?
B3. How can they be retained?

Examples of analytics tools are: Google Analytics, Preemptive, Mix panel, Flurry, Localytics

Step 7: Testing of your app to remove bugs and to get working feedback

A.   First, use alpha testing to remove bugs and defects from your app
B. Then, you can use Beta testing to get feedback from your target customers or users

Step 8: Launching and deploying your app

Step 9: Analysing the working of your app by using analysis tools

Step 10: App up-gradation with new features and improvements time to time

Best wishes. You can be an app developer now.

Source: newgenapps.com