Jan 17, 2018

रिसर्च पेपर कैसे पब्लिश हो ?

The most challenging part of writing a research paper is just getting started. Let’s do only 3 simple steps to start and complete our research paper with fast publication. All good journals provide their publishing formats and other related details on the web. Let’s know how can we write and publish our paper in the desired journal.
The first thing to do: Ask your guide or take internet help regarding journals details in which paper has to be sent.

Step 1: Study the paper formatting issued by the journals like

a.      Journal format style (IEEE/Springer/ACM) etc.
b.      Abstract size and keywords limits ( max. word length)
c.       Tentative pages, type of citation preferred
d.      Information sources allowed (review papers, websites, books,)
e.      Paper writing formatting details (footnotes, subtitles, heading, double-spacing)

Step 2: Specific Topic selection and start working

a.      Get help from guide/ co-researchers to choose the correct topic.
b.      Select the topic well. It must be specific enough to save our time and energy.
c.       Make separate files/folders of information sources to be taken as references.
d.      Make separate files for your results, graphs, tables, comparisons etc.
e.      Give at- least 1.45 hours daily to your research management.

Step 3: Prepare different writing sections after collecting all research information

a.      Introduction part
b.      Literature review
c.       Proposed methodology
d.      Experiments and results analysis
e.      Conclusion and future work

Tip of the Day: Read 5-10 already published quality research papers and you will succeed for sure.