Dec 17, 2018

10 Choices to be Scientifically Happy.

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Individuals frequently request me: 
"What can they do to maintain their happiness in different time zones?”

I convey them that there are lots of things you can categorize, but then I can only remember a minority of choices in that moment. 

So I have decided to construct a 10 choices summary guide for how to be consistently happy. 

If you start using these choices for 21 days regularly, you are very likely to upturn your personal and surrounding happiness for sure.

1. Start taking control of your beliefs, opinions and thoughts. Repair them according to the present existing situation only. Learn to be mindful.

2. Forget the past and future analysis and say bye-bye to your judgmental temperament. Your regrets, worries and anger will automatically disappear.

3. Boost your attention in today. Find some meaningful equations of life. Happiness is now knocking your door.

4. Learn to be grateful. When you start being thankful for the smallest, small, big and biggest things happened or happening in your life, you become an integration stamp between the sky and the earth. 
You, now can walk on the blessing road day and night. The eternal happiness begins here.  

5. Make a to-do list every morning. Prioritize your working habits according to the needs appearing. 
This helps in releasing stress from the mind and so the body feels cool than yesterday. Try this fast.

6. Analysis your daily progress score card and write your positive and negative details. Boost the positive part next day and start reducing the negative ones. 
Few days later, you will be absolutely fresh with a happy face.

7. Fix your social media timings. Activate it only for off-time span. This will help you to focus on your work and to make you more productive and positive. Instead, give time to your loving birds who wait for you to be free for them. 
This focus and caring will make you a special person for those you are associated with in office or in personal.

8. Be kind with yourself and others. All humans are made unique and different. Start understanding this simple beauty of life. It will help you to expect less from others and to give more to others. 
This is an art of giving which is the best way of attaining highest level of happiness for sure.

9. Don’t take a sleep for granted. Take sleep peacefully. If you sleep well, you will wake-up gracefully with healthy mind equations in the next morning. Now the whole day will support you positively as you have given your body the rest, she required last night. 
It is an enlighten reality that happy body will create healthy symptoms inside and you rock without doubt. Happiness – you are welcome.

10.  Start living with a moral sense of what is right and what is wrong. Having money may mark you as rich or popular but morality and character brands you with life time wealthiest all the way. 
Be a man of service. Add significance to the people, societies, company etc. you are associated with. Your inner happiness will rise up day by day.

Best of smile. Best of happiness. Take care.

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